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Welcome to the Palm Springs Social Sun Tanners (PSSST) home page. We are a group of nearly 300 gay and bisexual male nudists and naturists who enjoy being naked in a social environment and organization. Our activities take place in the Palm Springs, California area. Check out our Activities page for information on our naked parties, social events and "strip & dips".
We are a cooperative social club, not a business venture. PSSST is an all-volunteer, member-driven organization.

Come on in and have a look around . . .

Once you are a member PLEASE remember to volunteer at least once during your membership year (not once every 5 years). We need everyone's help in order to keep having fun in the sun. If you can host a party GREAT! Please contact the email address above to let us know. If you can not that is fine too!

You can help out in other ways too!

Party Assistants


This task includes:
- arriving 30 minutes before the party begins;
- collection of appropriate fees from each person;
- charging $20 to anyone not reserving for the party;
- having first names written on each paid individual.


This task includes:
- arriving 30 minutes before the party begins;
- set up of tables where food will be served;
- placement of food and beverages on appropriate tables.

Clean Up

This task includes:
- arriving 30 minutes before the party begins;
- locate placement of trash bags/cans and recycle bins;
- deposit trash in bags/cans/bins throughout party;
- assist hosts to store or distribute unused food/beverages.

Entry fee increases for PSSST Events starting August 1, 2018

In order to cover rising costs, as well as to provide more funding to our charitable causes, entry fees for PSSST events will rise starting August 1, 2018.

The new rates will be:   Monthly pool parties and other venues with food: member $15/guest $20
Strip and Dips at CCBC: member $15/guest $20
Other venue, no food: member $10/guest $15

Have you moved?
Change of address notices
(email or physical)
should be sent to
Mike Schmitt,
Please allow 7 days for completion

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